Ambitious and creative dressed in yellow or romantic and balanced in blue? We know that every colour has different therapeutic properties useful both for the body and the mind but what is less known, however, is that behind each of them also hides a well defined personality and character.

Primary - Trends report SS15 - Coffeedential

1. Chloé 2. Dior 3. Edeline 4. WAD Mag France, Jul 2013 5. Marc by Marc Jacobs 6. Sicky Magazine 7. Dolce&Gabbana 8. Del Pozo 9. Dior 10. VOGUE China, Jan 2015

So be careful of what you wear girls, because your choices are clear signs of who you are and what you want. Are you a passional instinctive woman who wears red? Or a shy, pacific girl who prefers the  energy power of green?

If only men would be able to read between the colours of our clothing,  they would be able at a glance to conquer our hearts.

Primary - Trends report SS15 - Coffeedential

1. Iceberg, Fall 2014 2. Reed Krakoff 3. Jimmy Choo 4. Iceberg 5. Perspex 6. Alexander Wang 7. Thomas Tait 8. DKNY 9. Jonathan Saunders

 Concept & graphics by Diletta Guglielmino, text by Chiara Gallitto