The mixture of opposite culture and the ethical aim are the principal elements of the capsule collection United Colors of Benetton by Stella Jean: a project which revisit the classic concept of knitting, the Benetton’s distinctive technique for decades.

The link between the italian brand made in Treviso and Stella Jean was Vogue Italia, which discovered the italian-haitian fashion designer during the 2011 edition of the new talents contest Who is on Next?

The social commitment and attention in the potential of women, combine the work of Stella to the Benetton’s one. In October 2015 the italian brand launched the Women Empowerment Program, a long term program of sustainability in support of the women’s emancipation from all over the world.

Multi-color means multi-cultural: when diversity unites us 

The clear references to Navajo and Yei decorations are mixed with the italian know how: the result is a unique collection. The accessories are more precious: made by local artisans of Haiti, Mali and Burkina Faso. 

“Promoting the culture of encounter, without barriers of latitude and vision, and the importance of the territory, we can create looks suitable for people who wear all the colors of the world in a socio-cultural melting pot oriented to a new concept of multiculturalism”.

United Colors of Benetton by Stella Jean: a relaunch opportunity for the venetian brand

Few days ago the rumors culminated into reality: Alessandro Benetton quit his family’s company, which was the first italian brand of the Fast Fashion. The global success obtained in the early ’90s thanks to the provocative campaigns by Oliviero Toscani, and to the innovative technique of “garment dyed”, based on request. 

After the Clothes for Humans campaign and the launch of the TV-31100 sweater without seams, the marketing strategy of Benetton seems to go farther and farther from its origins. What is going to happen to the brand we all have worn once in our life, here in Italy? we can not know, but for sure we support the collaboration with Stella Jean, and we hope this could be the first of a long series, to promote an ethical fashion.

 Imgs courtesy of Benetton – Graphics by Diletta Guglielmino – Text by Chiara Rigoni