The question is: tights yes or not? The answer: Women are divided between pros and cons since the days when this nylon garment was born, during the miniskirt era in the 60’s. We are certain of one thing: when you will see the creations of Lirika Matoshi even the most skeptical of you will change their mind.

The first rule of the Panty Hose Club is: absolutely DON’T use flesh tone tights! Having said that, let’s move on to the wonders created by the expert hands of Lirika.

Flowers, stars and pearls in the Lirika Matoshi hosiery

In the “social-fashion” era, a careful work like the one of Lirika Matoshi, could not go unnoticed. Unfortunately, very often it happens that it is noticed by some “ungrateful” style office. She denounced the shameless “free inspiration” in the latest hosiery collection by Calzedonia.

Wishing that the “big” begin to value emerging talents rather than exploit them, we will continue supporting Lirika as we can.

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