Serial planners or hopeless scatterbrains? There is only one thing that could connect you: it is an agenda. It will channel the obsessive compulsive obsessions of the first, and figure out the mixture of thoughts of the latter. The sales are quite finished but you can already find some deal to buy one of the best 2017 agendas.

Let’s start with the most colorful with sketchy style agendas: if you are a stationery lover you can’t live without this e-commerce: shop. We already talked about it… it’s the paradise of pop accessories for you and your desk!

2017 Agendas - Coffeedential top 10
1. - 2. Write Sketch & - 3. UO

Write Sketch & is completely designed and made in Italy by Matteo Carrubba and Angela Tomasoni. This project reflects their love for the graphic print and their obsession for quality. We couldn’t decide our favorite product… but the brand new golden notebooks are on the top list! 😉

A coffee-break, a small balcony of their flat in Valencia and two friends which decided to create something that could make them happy: how could we not see ourselves in this story? They are Marta and Elena and UO is their creature: you will find whatever you don’t really need but everything you’ll really want!

2017 Agendas - Coffeedential top 10
4. Mr Wonderful - 5. MochiThings - 6. Hema - 7. Headgangers by Paperchase - 8. Anthropologie - 9. POKETO - 10. Kikki-K

Another spanish brand which invaded instagram and made #pinklovers fall in love with it (here we are!): it’s Mr Wonderful. Its cute agendas goes continouosly sold out. 


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If you prefer plain colors, but you want to choose from a wide range of colors, you will appreciate the Rainbow or the POKETO‘s planner.

If you are a creative person, you need an agenda where you can scribble and write down whatever pass through your mind. The Headgangers by Paperchase is what you are searching for. How could you resist to a masked pug?! You will find all the masked gang inside, and a lot of space for your projects.

You probably know that our heart melt down as an ice-cream under the sun when we see something pink… here you will see the Kikki.K pretty planner and its customizations.

Hema‘s planner has a pocket size but has also an elastic band to keep together all the post-it where you write down your thoughts.

Last but not least: the HAPPINESS 100 days planner by Anthropologie. 4 different colors, inside it you will find motivational questions and a lot of space to focus on you and all your plans: Agenda & life coach 2 in 1! 😉

 Graphics by Diletta Guglielmino – Text by Chiara Rigoni