Today is the day: the collection #StepIntoMARNI is online on Zalando, ready to be shopped, while the battle between nostalgic of Consuelo Castiglioni and innovators it’s still going on.

The aim of this collaboration was the same of many others realized in these years with co-marketing operations: to sell! In this occasion through the re-editing of some iconic shoes from the urban style. With the supervision and commercial power of Zalando, giant in the online shopping world, Marni tested itself in the restyling of the well-known Dr Martens and Timberland‘s boots, of Reebok Pump and of the Vans sneakers.

This was a collaborations that could have been quite risky, if we think about the Marni style: feminine and sometimes “man-repelling” as the journalist Angelo Flaccavento says in one of his sharp analysis of the brand.  As final result instead, the collection is a success exactly for the reason that there is a balanced mix between all the different styles, perfect both for women and men.

 #StepIntoMARNI the collection which re-edit the icons of Dr Martens, Timberland, Vans e Reebok 

As big fans of the italian brand, after the announcement, we immediately wanted to see the images of the #StepIntoMARNI collaboration with Zalando and our favourite icons are the DrMartens and the Reebok one. What do you prefer? Here you have some of the pieces.


Credits ph: Zalando
 Graphics by Diletta Guglielmino – Text by Chiara Rigoni