Autumn is one of the seasons during which you can play with colors, getting inspired by the warm tones of the Nature. 

Orange is one in the dominant nuances of FW17. It’s the color of the leaves, of the persimmons and of the fall’s queen: the pumpkin!

The Pumpking Orange is one of the more relevant trends from the catwalks to the street. The Orange Vitamin C was the Pantone of the year in 2015 and we talked about its leading role in the #fw15 fashion shows.

Don’t be afraid to wear it: it’s more versatile than you think!

Obviously you don’t have to dress in “total orange”, you just need to choose the key piece of your outfit such as a scarf, a purse, or a sweater.

If you are a coat lover we suggest you to see the Saks Potts collection: so fluffy and soft!

The Perfect match for a casual style is with the denim, for an elegant style go with brown nuances. 

L’abbinamento perfetto è con il denim per uno stile casual o con i toni del marrone per un look più elegante. Try it and use the #coffeeoutfit hashtag.