Natural allurebohémien appeal, garçonne look: talking about the parisian style without the use of french vocabulary it’s quite impossible. Maybe the reason is in the charm that this language suggests with its sound. 

Reading “Stile parigino: 5 look a cui ispirarsi” a Grazia post, which is one of our favorite italian magazine, we noticed that quite always people use icon from the past to describe a trend. So we decided to find out the new Mademoiselles who set the parisian style 2.0.

 Jeanne Damas

garçonne look with female details 

Navy striped sweater or silky bluse, regular jeans or palazzo pants, trench coat or eco-fur: that’s the dilemma! Your style, a bit ‘tomboy a bit’ Miss is the real essence of Parisian taste. Get ready because the Jean Paul Gaultier collection for OVS will be in store soon, and you will probably adore it. Meanwhile keep on mind: accessories always make the difference. Chose the right bag, a pair of sandals and a hat… et voilà!

Lili Rose Depp

a grunge parisian style for a real globe trotter 

Her mother, Vanessa Paradis, is the typical french beauty. Her father, Johnny Depp, is a talented, beautiful and damned actor. Lili Rose embodies perfectly the mixture of both her parents. Lingerie dress with biker jacket, vinyl ankle boots with denim shorts, silky overall with used sneakers: if the contrasts are your brad and butter and you pick up different styles wherever you go, this is the perfect mix for real globetrotters.

Petite Meller

baby romantic but eccentric style

A unique voice, as much as the style of the parisian singer who conquered the top of the hit charts without twerking. Petite Meller choses the baby style: bon ton dresses full of bows and ruffles. A colored triumph where the pink of her cheecks became her personal signature. Don’t miss the hat: whatever you like, but it must be gorgeous.

 Graphics by Diletta Guglielmino – Text by Chiara Rigoni