High quality materials, accurate models research and extreme attention to details: these should be the features which mark a luxury product, but it’s not always true… anymore.

When we discovered the creations of Lido Venezia, we immediately fall in love with them first of all because the city is part of us, and because just looking at them it is impossible not to be amazed.

You immediately notice that the Lido Venezia bags are not like the others, they are unique artisanal masterpieces; they are one of those “jewels” handed down from a mother to a daughter and they have to be jealously preserved, as it was once upon a time.

We don’t want to be another fashion brand. We don’t think luxury is selling expensive products in high volumes to aspirational customers. Without obeying to fashion trends, marketing statistics or the seasonal moods, we want to create beautiful yet timeless products.

At Lido Venezia we are “Modern Time Artisans”.

The Instagram account of Lido Venezia is a polaroid’s collage that illustrates a great story, where you could get lost like in a fairy tale. At least we say Lido Venezia Be mine!


Una foto pubblicata da lidovenezia (@lidovenezia) in data:


Una foto pubblicata da lidovenezia (@lidovenezia) in data: