The Kenzo x H&M collection is out today between the rumors. As well as for other collaborations of the swedish brand, the story is the same: fashionistas are divided into lovers and haters. We bet you will not remain even a pair of socks?  😉

We put ourself in the middle of the debate because if we felt in love at first sight with some coats and dresses, such as the ones worn by Rosario Dawson and Chloë Sevigny, on the other side we absolutely take the distances from quite all the rest of the collection: it was too much also for us! Our Top 5 of H&M collaborations will remain the same.


One thing is certain: the choice of testimonials and Jean-Paul Goude for the realization of the advertising campaign fitted at 100%. Art director, photographer, illustrator, filmmaker, he has portrayed – in pictures that have entered the iconography of the fashion history – celebrities such as Grace Jones up to Kim Kardashian, “breaking the internet” with the over clicked cover of Paper magazine.

“The challenge was to keep the spirit of Kenzo,” says Jean-Paul. “Working with H&M and Carol and Humberto on the KENZO x H&M campaign was a real inspiration. I love the attitude that they have brought to the collection, their youth, their energy, their fun and most of all their style.”

A multicolored melting pot of testimonials has been enrolled for the Kenzo x H&M campaign, and it reflects perfectly the attitude of the entire collection: a mix of patterns and prints, but also an extended variety of different styles inspired by the ancient russian costumes till the modern street style of Tokyo. The Cut’n’Paste technique used by Goude to edit his pictures, has immediately stolen our heart of collage lovers.

Even the collateral events linked to the collection launch, couldn’t betray its dynamic and joyful spirit. Click play on the video below and you will see the NYC presentation’s recap: Party People where you at?

 Graphics by Diletta Guglielmino – Text by Chiara Rigoni