It will happen to you, using Instagram or Pinterest, to jump from one account to another in a diabolical loop that gives you the same dependency of a M&m’s opened pack. Yes ok, maybe I exaggerated with the comparison, but I’m sure it will sounds familiar to some of you, recognizing their “social” addiction. I discovered Ksenia Schnaider during one of my compulsive creative research on Pinterest, and it was love at first sight!

I still remember, even though it’s been a year now, that I was looking for some ideas to enrich my “Pixel” board and “puff” a dress with an all over print made of pixels, which replicated the texture of the bark of a birch, it appears to me: Boom! Instant Pin.

ksnenia schnaider - pixel - Coffeedential

Following the work of Ksenia and Anton, you will immediately notice the originality of their graphic prints but also the silhouette of their clothes. It was impossible don’t notice those pants made mixing a skirt, a pair of jeans, a pair of shorts: something new! Two cool hunting lovers like us, had immediately noticed that piece.

One day Ksenia asked to her Instagram followers to find a suitable name for those pants, which were becoming popular among fashion influencers. An idea flashed in my head and I said to myself: “Why not? I’ll write it to Ksenia!”

A year has passed away and Demi-Denims continue their evolution in the collections of the Ukrainian duo. We made some chat with Ksenia to learn more about their world. Will be Coffeeaholic like us?

We discovered your work last year thanks to social networks, and we immediately fell in love with it. Do you use socials as source of inspiration?

No, I would not say that we use social networks as a source of inspiration, but they are very important for us. We use almost every available social network as a platform to share our message with the world. We prefer quality over quantity, stay honest and say what is essential for us.

Pixels are recurrent in your patterns and you usually mix them with elements from nature such as flowers or tree’s bark.

The idea to transform national Ukrainian embroidery into pixels came to us in 2014, when we realized that Ukraine’s image abroad was distorted. Digital media plays an essential role in this process as they twist the information all the time. To show this connection between ethnical and modern culture, as well as represent these distortions, we deformed traditional ornaments and used a glitch tool to create our prints.

Demi-Denims are the key piece of your last collection, could you tell us more about them?

I have come up with this cut for spring-summer 16 collection, and used it for white cotton trousers and the ones with the Birch Print. I imagined these pants in denim right away, but the collection was very pure, so denim would not work. When I started working on fall-winter 16 the first thing I did were Demi-Denims.  

ksnenia Schnaider demi denims - CoffeedentialTwo different minds working together: how do you combine them into Ksenia Schnaider?

We share everything, so there is one mind for both of us. The leader is not one of us, but the common sense. We discuss all ideas and then work on them.

Future Projects?

We have just launched our online-store and created a capsule collection of affordable pixel flowers dresses to celebrate it. We plan to make such collections on a regular basis. And, of course, we are already working on a new collection. There will definitely be more denim.

The phone rings: it’s your favourite designer and he wants you in his staff…

If I could become a creative director of a big fashion house, I would definitely accept. However if I could only become a part of the team, I would prefer to decline and continue working on my own brand and its development.

ksnenia Schnaider demi denims - Coffeedential

Which advice do you want to give to someone who is now approaching the fashion system? 

Do not compromise quality. If you cannot make something really well, do not do it.

If we tell you “Coffee” you say…

Addiction.  I drink latte almost every day.

 Cover by Diletta Guglielmino – Text & Illustrations Chiara Rigoni