Chiara Rigoni is my name but everybody knows me as Chiary. I’m very tall, that’s unusual for an italian girl, so every single person that I meet, makes me notice it (come on guys… I’m not a Martian!)
Fashion is my world, Curiosity is one of my prerogatives. Everyday I match these two ingredients to create my dream job. Simply 1+1=2 (Beyoncé dixit).

Chiary Main Goals

Fashion EditingTrends Research & Talent Scouting are my main goals. Digital Illustration is my new challenge. 

I totally trust in Carpe Diem. This kind of “philosophy” rules my life and till now… I could say that it works.

My laws are: Friendship first, respect everyone and always smile. 
If anybody isn’t messing up your plans… In that case: Battle cry!

Chiary in Pills

15 August 1987

Macchiato + Brown Sugar

• A Red or Shocking Pink Lipstick 

• My Wonder Woman Lego Key Tag

• Chewing Gums

• Mauer park, Berlin

• Café en Seine, Dublin

• Le Potager, Paris

• Caffé del Fico, Roma

• Villa Sceriman, Padova

• Osteria Dalla Gigia, Treviso

• Bold Sunglasses

• Cozy Stylish Coat

• Black T-shirt

• Black Croc Nike AF1 High

• The one and only Neapolitan Pizza

• Tartare

• Spaghetti Aglio Olio e Peperoncino

• Pad Thai and Crispy Duck


• Still Dre – Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg

• I Was Here – Beyoncé 

• Rollin’ & Scratchin’ – Daft Punk

• Fischerspooner – Emerge

• Par-T-One vs INXS – I’m So Crazy

• L’Amour Toujour – Gigi D’Agostino